Euro Truck Simulator 2: Best Trucks Game!

Not only the best trucks game, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the best simulator game in 2012!


I’m not one to back far from a replacement vice expertise, albeit that have brings with it laughs and insults from my peers. therefore it had been with nice interest that I looked into monetary Euro Truck Simulator 2 many weeks back, a game that had somehow sweptwing through the web like associate degree out of management fireplace. What I found was a contemporary logical wrestle hauling that enables for each the hardcore and general vice public to own fun on the many miles of virtual open road.

In this game, you can travel through all Europe countries like a king on roads, be yourself when in the truck! With many cities to explore from the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands and plenty of a lot of, your endurance, talent and speed can all be pushed to their limits. If you’ve got what it takes to be a part of associate degree elite truckage force, hang back the wheel and prove it!


As i discussed earlier the graphics in monetary ETS are pretty spectacular while not being incredibly. From the lighting and weather to the many regions you’ll drive through, SCS has managed to form monetary ETS look smart while not the backing of an enormous budget. it’s a powerful effort to form a game regarding such a colorless construct work, however SCS software system have done it, even additional spectacular but is that they need future treated this game similarly. whereas there’ll little doubt be a monetary ETS3, SCS have already declared they’re engaged on associate degree growth of the maps already immense region, however not solely that, monetary unit Truck contains a immense modding community. That’s right, there area unit dozens of mods out there that improve each single side of this title. whether or not you’re searching for new countries to explore or need real company logos everywhere the surroundings, or perhaps if you wish to feature multiplayer; the modding community has created positive that this game can systematically be improved upon.

My final score for Euro Truck Simulator 2: 9.5/10